Writing to Entertain

I write to entertain. I personally guarantee you will have a good time, maybe a great time, when you go to see one of my stage plays live at your local theatre. How can I do that? Because I purposely write the material so that any cast anywhere can be successful executing the script! (And I have a lot of faith in the people who perform in community theatres around the globe!)
Formulated writing for maximum box office potential has become the new industry standard in film, which has left original, creative writing in the background. Remakes of old stories and well-known titles have become the norm. Cliffhangers force audiences to see sequels instead of wrapping up each story neatly on its own. Audiences are starting to figure out the formula, and they long for some honest to goodness originality in their stage plays and films. Fortunately, my original stories have the blessing of being creative and unexpected while also selling out at every venue.
If you're looking for something new and different that's guaranteed to entertain, look no further! You have arrived!

Audience Focused

Are you a theatre manager/artistic director who longs to reach new members of your community? My plays are fresh and funny or historically accurate and deeply compelling, depending on the story you select, and I'm constantly hearing from the cast and crews of various productions that these plays bring in new faces in unexpected numbers. Not only are new people coming to see these shows, but many of them  recommend the show to friends and family which substantially increases the bottom line.

Film & Theater

Yes, I'm internationally published and produced, and I'm a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, but I am also a member of Film Florida, and many of my scripts are available as both stage plays and screenplays. Published theatrical scripts are available anytime through their respective publishers. Scripts that are not yet published are available by contacting me and requesting a perusal copy. Film scripts may be requested by contacting me directly or by reaching out to either of my representatives.